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Everything we see is a perspective, and not the truth. But the problem still remains and refers to lucidity and rationality and is related to the construction of the collective sense and is to take into consideration a common project.

It was difficult to launch a realistic debate on the limits of liberty or group security because the assassination of some journalists in the city of lights is a fact that blocks with cruelty and relevance mishael morgan pierde in greutate means of searching for the truth. For sure, in the face of death and of the absurd and barbaric killing of the journalists, we cannot find justifications. We must reflect, although we cannot justify or explain the extreme violence gesture.

Knowing the enemy is the essential element of identity and a cohesion principle. Pascal Bruckner, in Democratic Melancholia.

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How to live without enemies? The demonstration is edifying and the West succeeded in constantly following this path, whether unconsciously or pragmatically, in politics, intellectual culture or in the public space. In the end it is the lasting certitude, by crossing the hostility of the others which, paradoxically, enriches our well-being, by contesting us.

Whether it was anti-Semitism, or the Maghrebian immigrants, or Muslims or the gypsy, they all turned out to be interesting benchmarks for projecting the collective identity in relation with the internal or external enemy that pollutes the civilization and its values. The mass media participates to this spectacle in which the enemy is reinvented, strengthening the stereotypes and giving facile explanations to complex and profound social phenomena: unemployment, inequalities, economic crisis, violence in society and the general social competition.

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Are we not capable to live without enemies? Europe is the owner of a more tolerant form of narcissism and exceptionalism, especially France during the past few years, and consequently delivers a performance on intolerance which becomes more aggressive by the day.

Several French anthropologists and mishael morgan pierde in greutate have spoken lately about the way France shifted from Arabophobia, which characterized the National Front to Islamophobia, as a cultural and intellectual current. Emanuel Todd explained how Islamophobia seized the upper classes and was hard mishael morgan pierde in greutate control and it resulted in cultural turbulence, an effect of a religious void, of the difficulty to live without God.

The opinion polls show an increase regarding the adversity towards Islam in France.

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Islamophobia is still a western pathology, criminogenic or not, but one of the pathologies of the public spirit. The beheadings and the cruelties of the jihadists or of the IRI create a wonderful box of resonance for such forms of emotionality, together with indignation, rejection, abomination, which are all politically capitalized.

The clash of civilizations? No, it is rather the clash of liberties Many western specialists in Islam tell us to see the killing of the Charlie Hebdo journalists as a horrible murder, respectively not as a sign of the clash between civilizations, but rather as a social fact, as stated by Durkheim. It has become a political event not because of the proportion of the murder, but because it transforms an intellectual debate into a quasi-existential debate: can we live with Muslims in Europe or in the world.

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To speak about the clash between civilizations is exaggerated from several standpoints. Security versus Liberty There have been discussions regarding the opposition between security and liberty or on the need to give up freedom to some extent in order to gain more security.

Reproducerea integral sau parial a textului este interzis i va fi pedepsit conform legii.

Nothing can be more wrong or false. Csn slăbire believe that this dilemma is the result of the schematic approach regarding the two terms.

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First, liberty should not be confused with absolute freedom of expression or with absolute liberty of action, or the result of free will, which seeks the limits or the extremes. At the same time, security does not make reference solely to cutting the degree of liberty, security means the feeling of safety and the plenary assertion conditions in the society and the possibility to foresee the future development and trust in reciprocity or the respect for collectively shared values.

The game between liberty and security is not a game with a null sum. As stated by Spinoza, the security is the main function of any society and any state. Spinoza also said that the function of the state is to free the individual from terror, fear, so that he can exert his natural right to exist and act, the purpose of the state being freedom.

We can conclude: liberty is a desideratum, a purpose, and security is a means of achieving it. A choice between liberty and security? The interpretation is still complicated, beyond its aphoristic force.

Today we confuse freedom with freedom of expression and security with control measures of the citizen.

mishael morgan pierde in greutate

Do not follow the lead of the politicians. This is not the case of a civilization being attacked by another civilization. We address here another matter, the gap of contemporary civilization: the enclavisation of the Western Muslim culture and the support offered to authoritarian leaders by the West, because the West is been wanting to use the resources offered by the Arab world during the past decades.

Are we to sacrifice the state in order to increase individual freedom?

mishael morgan pierde in greutate

The different types of events and the cinematic way in which they are presented lead to exaggerations by reducing things to social apocalyptical representations of great expressivity. The Orwellian image of Big Brother is already a strong cultural stereotype, a representation that exaggerates the control of the individual and the manipulation of conscience.

Still, it is a rather beautiful Science Fiction story that was ideologically and politically employed during the cold war, and, in general, in the fight with communism. In the dystopian society placed in desert framework rules no longer function, the nations rebel, and the gangs of delinquents make the rules.

By representing violence, the author suggests the destruction of civilization. The gangs of bikers induce a feeling of violence which sets the rhythm of life, sets the pulse, and cyclically returns. The urban-rural distinction is a kind of distinction between peace and violence, but slowly, the rural is invaded by violence and the very utopia of the withdrawal from the world, of the search for a secluded place, without violence, disappears.

mishael morgan pierde in greutate

Max, the main character, experiences a change from heroism to insanity, ending in murder, which reveals the change of the human being and the complete destruction of all the moral reflexes or of the idea of order, in general. Must we choose between these two apocalyptical scripts, between Big Brother and Mad Max? But we can overcome this dilemma, its solution being the acceptance that there is a need for a rational way of thinking in the future, because fear is the worst adviser, and emotion is a poison that clouds our mind and sends us on false paths.

After all, the absolute security is unimaginable as well as freedom without limits, and the price of excess needs to be paid. The solution: a reconstruction of the community Zygmunt Bauman, in his work Community. These circumstances give philosophers headaches that have no treatment. People that live today in urban agglomerations are faced with risks that cannot be managed because nobody wants to help them understand these risks.

The ethnic communities, especially the ones that migrated to other mother societies, as well as several underprivileged or poor categories, live in an atomized way with a feeling of rejection.

During the electoral campaigns they also experience the intolerance of others. This is how the silent war starts and from time to time it ignites violence.

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There is a lack of solidarity and common control of the worries, as well as of the possibility to gain a collective structure in front of threats and anguish.

Community translates into collective responsibility, support for the ones that are in difficulty, finding a place for everyone in the collective structure. We cannot defend ourselves with walls, the disease is within our society, although we invent enemies and we entertain the phobia of a foreign invasion.

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Security becomes a means serving the achievement of freedom, but it is also a project more complicated than the defense in front of the absurdity of terrorist violence, it is a project that needs to restore the tissue of collective solidarity for the final purpose which is gaining freedom for as many people as possible.

For now, freedom is just the attribute of the very few, and the war that started is not a war of the civilizations, but a crisis generated by the collapse of the communities and of the need to co-opt everyone in the project that envisions building new solidarities.